Restaurant: New Port Restaurant
City: Sunnyvale, CA

This was one of the dishes I had during dim sum with coworkers.

pan fried rice roll

This is one of my favorite dim sum dishes, along with chicken feet. A few places may serve hoisin sauce with this dish.

Rice roll is noodle rolled up into a roll.  It is a must have dish when we go out for dim sum.  A simple dish to make with few ingredients which include dried shrimp, green onions, red pepper flakes, and rice roll noodles. (Whisks & Chopsticks)

Developed in the 1980s in Hong Kong for Cantonese cuisine, XO sauce is made of roughly chopped dried seafoods, including scallops, dried fish and shrimp, and subsequently cooked with chili peppers, onions, and garlic. This dried seafood-based sauce bears similarity to the Fujianese Shacha sauce. Spring Moon, the Peninsula Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurant is often credited with the invention of XO sauce, although others claim the sauce’s origin in the urban area of Kowloon. The name XO sauce comes from fine XO (extra-old) cognac, which is a popular Western liquor in Hong Kong and considered by many to be a chic product there. In addition the term XO is often used in the popular culture of Hong Kong to denote high quality, prestige, and luxury. In fact, XO sauce has been marketed in the same manner as the French liquor, using packaging of similar colour schemes. (Wikipedia)