Restaurant: New Port Restaurant
City: Sunnyvale, CA

This was one of the dishes I had during dim sum with coworkers.

chicken feet

You may be wondering why there’s only one… Well, I was the one ordering all the dishes for the table. I had no time to take decent photos, but managed to secure a piece for myself. There are usually 3 or 4 pieces in a dish, at dim sum places I’ve been to in the Bay Area. So, this photo was taken shortly before I devoured it! :D

In Guangdong and Hong Kong, they are typically deep fried and steamed first to make them puffy before being stewed and simmered in a sauce flavoured with black fermented beans, bean paste, and sugar; or in abalone sauce. (Wikipedia)

These morsels of skin and bones are a unique combination of textures: the wrinkled, puffed up skin on the surface and the soft, gelatinous tendons within. In dim sum restaurants across the country, chicken feet are a staple—always reliably good and due to their humble beginnings, always cheap. Chicken feet are the pinnacle of gnawing for pleasure and the Chinese people, paramount gnawers. If I were to generalize, I’d say that half of what goes into the mouth of a Chinese diner comes right back out. Little bones, cartilage, centers of eyeballs, and other delicate treats are eaten and then returned with great relish. (Serious Eats)