One of the most popular food souvenirs in Macau is the almond cookie. In touristy areas, there are crowds purchasing several boxes of almond cookies to bring back home. Beef and pork jerky is another popular food souvenir, but keep in mind that some countries have certain import rules (i.e. United States will not allow while Hong Kong will).

While Koi Kei is the most famous almond cookie shop in Macau, there other almond cookie shops in Macau as well. All almond cookie shops are likely to have large photos of almond cookies with signs boasting their store, like the one pictured below which says “the most fragrant almond cookies” in Chinese:

Workers at this particular almond cookie shop were seen pounding the almond powder into molds, like robots! The cookies were then placed in a large bamboo tray, which was placed over a flame to be baked/steamed.

We got to eat freshly-made almond cookies. Warm and moist yet firm almond cookies. It was a whole ‘nother eating experience, different from when they’ve completely cooled down.

We bought a box to snack on during our upcoming Vietnam trip. In hindsight, I don’t recommend eating them in the car… The cookies are crumbly and made a huge mess, like dandruff on my clothes.

My mom bought more almond cookies, this time from a Koi Kei shop in Hong Kong, to bring back to the States. We actually still have a few unopened individually wrapped almond cookies. I just so happen to be eating one right now, as I’m writing this, to take a close-up shot. ;)