Bakery: Starbread
Address: 5855 Jarvis Ave, Newark, CA 94560
Phone: 510.608.4777

I picked up 60 pieces of Señiorita bread for $24 USD, sometime last week.

Señiorita bread are sweet, creamy, buttery rolls that are deliciously addictive! As with most bread, Señiorita bread tastes best when freshly made, while it’s still piping hot, the bread is soft, and the butter is runny! You can also save the leftovers in the fridge and reheat them with a microwave.

Señiorita bread appears to be a variation of ensaimada, a Spanish pastry/bread. The Philippines was once colonized by the Spanish Empire, which influenced their cuisine.

Now, you may be wondering WHY did I get 60 pieces?! I built a birthday “cake” out of them, for a coworker’s birthday! I connected all the pieces (upright) using toothpicks, added 24 birthday candles to it, and sprayed whipped cream on the top!