Bakery: Kasumibaiten (香住 売店) 
Address: 〒193-0844, 東京都八王子市高尾町 2205
Area: Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan
Nearest Station: Takaosanguchi (高尾山口)

Today, we hiked up Mount Takao, which is located in Western Tokyo. If the sky is clear, you can easily see Mount Fuji from the summit!

It took us an hour by train to Takaosanguchi Station from Meguro Station. Then we walked through an area full of shops and restaurants before approaching the cable cars at the base of the mountain. You can either walk up Trail 1 from the base or take the cable cars, to halfway up the mountain. Most people purchase a round trip ticket of ~¥1,000 for the cable cars and hike to the summit from halfway point. There are chair lifts going up and down the mountain, but it was saldly out of service when we went.


At the halfway point (near Takaosan Station), there was a bakery selling Tenguyaki (天狗焼き), a taiyaki with the face of Tengu. “Tengu” is the long-nosed goblin, and god of mischief, as well as patron saint of the martial arts, that roams around Mount Takao. The Nihon Sun and Wikipedia has more info on Tengu, if you’re interested.

The Tenguyaki was cripsy on the outside, with sweet black soybean paste inside. Overall, it was warm and wasn’t sweet at all to me, but it was a delicious snack to eat before hiking up to the summit!