Restaurant: うどん 山長 (Udon Yamacho) null
Address: 〒150-0013, 東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-1-5 (恵比寿オークビル 1F)
Area: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Nearest Station: Ebisu (恵比寿)

The cousins, their friend, the sister, and I went to a well-known udon place in Ebisu for dinner. It was raining, and the restaurant had a small covered outdoor patio with a small bench. We were first in line and had a ~20 minute wait for a party of five.

Udon Yamacho has English menus available upon request! There were many choices on the menu… There was a list of udon in hot broth, and cold udon served with a dipping broth on the side. Udon is typically thick wheat flour noodles, but here you have an option of getting either thin or the traditional thick udon.

I ordered the (thin) udon with duck, leek, kamaboko (cured fish, aka fish cake), and meatball in hot broth.

The sister ordered cold (thin) udon with an assortment of vegetables and a hot dipping broth on the side.

Both broths were light and really flavorful! I drank the rest of the broth after I finished my udon, because I didn’t want such a good broth go to waste!!

A majority of the udon items ranged from ¥900 to ¥1200. I think the duck and leek udon was ~¥980 while the cold udon was ~¥1100. Now that’s a steal considering that each item was under US$10!!