Vendor: 一口全酥臭豆腐 null
Address: Tonghua Night Market (on Linjiang St, from Tonghua St to Keelung St)
City: Taipei, Taiwan

Last night we went to Shilin Night Market, which was crowded (even on a weeknight!) since it’s one of the top tourist spots. Tonight we went to Tonghua Night Market on Linjiang Street, as recommended by one of our Airbnb hosts.

We walked several blocks from Xinye Anhe Station and followed signs to the night market. Various food stands parked in the middle of the street and on streetcorners. A few food stands rolled in even after dark past the night market’s opening hours, to open business. There were fewer people; there was no need to zigzag your way through to the other end of the market!

We saw one vendor selling fried stinky tofu, NT$45 for small size and NT$50 for large size. The vendor had a video clip showing how this stinky tofu was rated top 10. There was a small queue, so we decided to check it out.

The vendor cut up the stinky tofu into bite-size, deep-fryed it, put three different sauces on it- spicy, garlic, and hoisin sauces, and put generous heaping of pickled cabbage on top. I managed to record a bit of the last part!

See how he puts A LOT of cabbage to go with each piece of stinky tofu!?

Here’s a better angle that shows how much cabbage there was!

I thought that the stinky tofu wasn’t strong enough. But it was still strong and unbearable to my sister. It’s an acquired taste, after all. You either hate it or love it. The cabbage was really good, though! Why must stinky tofu in the States be paired with little cabbage?!?

If you’re traveling to Taipei, are a lover of stinky tofu, and have time on your itinerary, check out Shenkeng Old Street located in Shenkeng, east of Taipei. It’s a street dedicated to stinky tofu. (Our 3 day stay in Taipei is unfortunately too short to include this activity.)