Restaurant: MOS Burger (摩斯漢堡)  
Address: No. 11, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District
City: Taipei, Taiwan

MOS Burger is a fast-food chain that originated in Japan and is located in East Asia and Australia. It is found everywhere in Taiwan. In fact, so far I have seen more MOS Burger locations than McDonald’s in Taipei!

My sister and I shared a Yakiniku Rice Burger set for NT$135, which included a piece of fried chicken (not pictured).

The burger had grilled steak, onions, and a slice of lettuce sandwiched between two rice buns.

The burger was also small, but filling for both of us, from the rice buns. The fried chicken was a bit on the spicy side, but delicious!

MOS Burger Australia tells us more about the chain’s rice burger:

The MOS Rice Burger uses a bun made of rice mixed with barley and millet. Rice was first used as a bun in 1987, when the restaurant served the Tsukune Rice Burger, filled with ground chicken and daikon, and seasoned with soy sauce. (The Tsukune Rice Burger is no longer on the menu in Japan.)