Restaurant: New Gold Medal Restaurant null
Address: 389 8th St.
City: Oakland, California

My dad brought home some goodies from Oakland Chinatown! He picked up a bag of ox tongue pastry (牛脷酥), which is a deep fried pastry similar to youtiao (油條, commonly known as Chinese donut or Chinese crueller). Ox tongue pastry got its name from its resemblance to the ox tongue. It’s also chewier, sweeter, and denser than youtiao.

Here’s some more info on ox tongue pastry, from Wikipedia:

Ox-tongue pastry (Chinese: 牛脷酥; Jyutping: ngau4 lei6 sou1) or Horse-ear pastry (Chinese: 马耳; pinyin: Mǎ ěr) and may be referred to as a Chinese Doughnut is a Chinese cuisines that is popular in south China in the Canton or Fujian province. It is a fried dough food that is elliptical in shape and resembles an ox tongue or a horse ear. The pastry texture is chewy, with a soft interior and a crunchy crust. Ox-tongue pastry is lightly sweetened, and eaten as part of breakfast with soy milk. The pastry is made in a similar way as youtiao, however, sugar is added to the flour.