Restaurant: Cora null 
Address: 255 5th Ave SW
City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello from Calgary! I am here for a few days to visit my relatives. Today, a group of us had brunch at Cora before heading to an art faire in Downtown Calgary.

Cora is a breakfast & lunch restaurant chain found in major Canadian cities.

I ordered Cora’s “Uncle Fred’s Favourite”, which was advertised as available for a limited time only, with the following description:

This delicious waffle, simply overflowing with flavour, was specially created in honor of “Uncle Fred”, one of Cora’s very first guests. Answering his most decadent of requests, it combines a waffle with eggs Ben et Dictine. Enjoy three poached eggs, nestled on three slices of grilled tomato, smothered with hollandaise sauce and served on a Cheddar waffle, all sprinkled with bacon and chopped green onions.”

There was a 1, 2, or 3-egg option, for $10.25, $11.95, or $12.95 CAD, respectively. I was really hungry, so I went with the 3-egg option!

The poached eggs weren’t as runny as I’d expected; they were soft but on the firmer side. It was fun eating the eggs with the waffle though! I’ve only had eggs benedict with toast or English muffins before. I also thought that the 3-egg option was the best and right choice, because the egg-to-waffle ratio was balanced out when eating. ;)

I’m also not sure why Cora calls their eggs benedict “eggs Ben et Dictine”. A quick Google search shows that Cora is the only place that calls their eggs benedict that way…