I went to Portland in August to visit Beeta. When Beeta was unavailable to drive me around, I asked myself, “How easy is it to get around the city? Do I need to rent a car, or how easy is it to get around by public transportation?”

Well, it’s actually easy to get around Portland and its nearby cities! TriMet is the mass transit agency in Greater Portland. You can get around by train or bus! There’s also the WES Commuter Rail which goes from Beaverton to Wilsonville (west of Portland to south of Portland) but it only operates during rush hour.


TriMet makes it very convenient and easy to get in and around Portland, with a single mobile app. They have a 1-day ticket for $5. You can also get different day passes if you’re in town for a longer period of time. After you’ve purchased a valid pass/ticket on the app, you’re all set! Just show it to the driver when boarding the bus, or to an employee by request on the train.

At the train stations, there are kiosks where you can get physical passes (shown below). The kiosks let you pay by cash, credit card, or NFC to get a physical pass.

portland tri-met

If you’re not sure how to get from one place to another, try using Google Maps. It’s reliable and accurate for the most part.

Not sure where to go in Portland? Here are a couple of sites I recommend!