Hong Kong: Cha Chaan Teng @ Kam Chui Yi Noodle House (金翠怡麫館)

Restaurant: Kam Chui Yi Noodle House (金翠怡麫館) 
Address: G/F, 73 King Fuk Street
City: San Po Kong, Hong Kong

After dim sum, my family friend drove me around Kowloon and Kowloon Tong to get a glimpse of the area. Then I needed my milk tea fix, so we went to a cha chaan teng for afternoon tea across my family friend’s flat. I had to have milk tea everyday while in Hong Kong!

We had toast with our milk teas. The toast was simply two slices of toasted bread, lightly spread with butter, slathered with sweetened condensed milk, and eaten as a sandwich.

This simple meal is popular for breakfast or afternoon tea in Hong Kong.

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