Hong Kong: Tofu-fa @ 廖同合荳品廠

Restaurant: 廖同合荳品廠  
 1067 Canton Road
City: Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Two friends and I walked around Mong Kok to check out the Umbrella Revolution that had spread to the city, also dubbed as “Occupy Mong Kok”. There were tons of protestors sitting on the streets, and metal barracades to block road traffic. We were handed yellow ribbons by volunteers, which we pinned on our shirts right away to show our support. I was also wearing a black T-shirt and had my black & yellow Timbuk2 bag over my shoulder, to match the Umbrella Revolution colors! ^^d

We stopped at a tofu/soybean snack shop and got tofu-fa (豆腐花) to cool down. We actually went when the shop was closing, so we ate it quickly before heading back outside.

廖同合荳品廠 Storefront

Tofu-fa with Candied Ginger

Tofu-fa (aka tofu/soybean pudding, doufuhua/douhua) is a classic Cantonese dessert (tong sui), which is basically soft and smooth tofu with sweet ginger syrup. In Hong Kong, there’s candied ginger available on the table for you to sprinkle onto your tofu-fa, if you want to sweeten it a bit! Tofu-fa can also be eaten hot or cold. It’s a great dessert to cool down when eaten cold, or to warm up when eaten hot!

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