Restaurant: Hui Lau Shan (許留山) 
Address: Shop G86, G/F, City One Plaza, 1 Ngan Shing Street
Sha Tin, Hong Kong

A family friend highly recommended mango drinks from Hui Lau Shan. I also remembered another friend really liked the mango drinks and/or dessert in Hong Kong. And I love mangoes! So, I had to check it out!!

Hui Lau Shan is a dessert chain that specializes in tong sui (dessert soup), drinks, and other dessert items. They were celebrating their 50th anniversary, featuring a drink with sago, pomelo, and mango. Their drinks are in four ‘base’ series, arranged by alphabets:

  • Super mango mania in coconut juice series (H)
  • Mango & coconut juice series (B)
  • Mango & mango juice series (A)
  • Fresh fruit juice series
    • Aloe & aloe jelly (C)
    • Birds nest & honey jelly (E)

Each series had different options underneath, labeled by numbers. Orders are placed using the letters followed by the numbers, e.g., H1, B7, and A4.

Hui Lau Shan’s drink sizes are smaller than what I’m used to seeing in the US. The jumbo size is usually the regular size in the States!

I picked A1 in large size ($24 HKD). That’s mango & mango juice, with mango jelly!!!

Look at those mango pieces at the top!! And the mango jelly at the bottom!

Verdict: Yummy!!! All mango lovers must get this drink when in Hong Kong!!!

[Edit on 10.02.2014] I went back to Hui Lau Shan the next day and got the special drink with sago, pomelo, and mango. I’ll stick with A1 the next time I go to one of these shops. :)