Restaurant: New Blue Pool Restaurant/Bakery  (新藍塘餐廳麵包公司) 
Address: 71 Caine Road
City: Central, Hong Kong

Afternoon tea, or tea time, is a big deal in Hong Kong. It’s a light meal set in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner time. Almost everyone walks in Hong Kong, as owning a car is costly with limited parking space. Plus, the humidity is crazy and you’re sweating all the time outside. Hong Kongers are naturally hungry during afternoon, with a need to wind down and refuel before continuing their day.

A friend showed me around Central today, which included a visit to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum. Sun was a Chinese revolutionary who was the  first president of Republic of China (ROC) and co-founder of Kuomintang (abbreviated as KMT and translated as Chinese National Party), before ROC and KMT were overthrown by People’s Republic of China and relocated to Taiwan.

After the museum visit, we went to a nearby café for afternoon tea. We had a bun and chicken wings with fries. I had iced lemon tea while my friend had HK milk tea.

HK Milk Tea (left) & Iced Lemon Tea (right)

Chicken Wings & Fries

New Blue Pool may not be the cleanest café in Hong Kong, but it’s been around for many years and is conveniently located right across Hong Kong Baptist Church. Many locals have fond memories of dining at this location. If you’ve been here before, what do you remember about this place?