China: Breakfast @ McDonald’s (麦当劳)

McDonald’s is literally everywhere, even in China! The menu is slightly different in each country, for the locals’ taste buds and preference, though. It’s fun to find out the differences and compare the McD’s abroad with the ones back home!

We went to a nearby mall for breakfast before heading to the airport. When we walked into McD, there was a One Piece banner hanging from the ceiling, in front of the cashiers. I thought it refered to its Happy Meal promotion, but the toys on display were different. The menu above the cash registers showed greens in some chicken sandwiches. They also offered soy milk, a sesame drink with boba, black tea, and Chinese donut (油條/油条) for breakfast!

I opted for Big Breakfast, a traditional, classic McD’s combo. I wanted some ‘comfort food’ that reminds me of home, in the midst of eating of Northeastern Chinese dishes.

Big Breakfast came with English muffins, scrambled egg, sausage patty, hash brown, and coffee.  All for ¥24 RMB (~$3.90 USD).

I made a sandwich out of the English muffin, sausage patty, and scrambled egg. I took a bite, then noticed a strawberry jam packet on the tray. There were only two on the tray, and two of us had ordered Big Breakfast while others ordered something different, so one packet must’ve been for my order.

I put the strawberry jam inside my sandwich, and took a bite. It wasn’t bad at all! It actually made the McMuffin sweet and countered the saltiness!

The hash brown was yummy as well; it was less greasy and crunchier than the ones at McDonald’s in the United States.

Thank you McDonald’s, for being available around the world, so travelers can get some ‘comfort food’ anywhere, anytime!

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  1. Shamefully I have to admit these were my (tasty) drunk-breakfast every weekend, coming back from Bar Street in Zhuhai… thanks god they had a leaflet with the products so all the queue of heavily hungry foreigners could point out at the things :D

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