We went on a two hour road trip to Panjin from Shenyang this morning. Just before we hit the highway, we grabbed some street food for breakfast to eat on the road. I was given a plastic bag that contained some kind of roll that resembled a burrito.

I unwrapped the plastic bag and peeked through the wrap to see what was inside.

I couldn’t figure out what the ingredient was by its appearance and smell. So I took a bite, and immediately tasted fried potato!

It turned out to be a potato burrito (土豆卷饼). It was carbs on carbs. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Since it was street food, the cleanliness of the entire thing was also questionable.

Potato is abundant in Northeastern China. In Shenyang, there were lots of hawkers selling burritos and advertising it as American food. Most hawkers had a large mound of shredded potato on their cart, and a few others carried other type of ingredients.

Street food in Asia can be notorious for giving indigestion and diarrhea, because the vendors have a high chance of inadequate sanitation and contamination. I strongly suggest travelers to bring Pepto-Bismol (or similar product) for the worst case scenario. Pepto-Bismol is available in liquid form, capsules, and chewable tablets. It’s better to be safe than sorry!