We were invited to a dinner and fellowship at 神爱之家, a 3-month old Christian church in Shenyang. The English name of the church is God’s Pasture of Family Lore, and the name says, it’s a family-oriented church.

For dinner, we had homemade jiaozi (dumplings). The fellowship ladies were making the dumplings when we arrived, and we joined them! The dough and stuffing were made from scratch.

homemade jiaozi - 2

It was a mini-factory here! One of the ladies was a pro at breaking the dough into equally-sized balls. A second lady was a pro at rolling the balls into thin and round jiaozi wrappers. Another lady was a pro at sealing the jiaozis with an unique shape. Several jiaozis were completed every second.

homemade jiaozi - 1

After several plates of jiaozis were made, they were boiled and eaten! We had spicy dipping sauces to compliment with the jiaozis. There was also a side dish of handmade flour noodles in spicy sauce.

homemade jiaozi - 3

Thank you 神爱之家, for inviting us and a memorable fellowship time!