Restaurant Chain: Yonghe King (永和大王)
City: All major cities in China

We headed to Shenyang after visiting Anshan Bethesda Rehabilitation Ministry. We took the G-train once again, but the ride was 45 minutes this time. Shenyang is just north of Anshan. Shenyang is the capitol of Liaoning province, and was once called Mukden.

We stayed at the hotel right across the Shenyang Railway Station. The railway station is a major station for the subway, bullet trains, and taxis/busses. The subway is underground, the bullet train is on ground level, and taxis are above ground from the overpass. The station has tons of exits, which can get confusing, but at least they tell you which is the northern and southern exit. Some exits take you across the street from the station, so you can avoid crossing the street with traffic. There are also several restaurants at the southern side of the station, right underneath the overpass for autos.

shenyang railway station
Shenyang Railway Station

For dinner, we went to a nearby mall which has a few restaurant chains including McDonald’s and Yonghe King. We opted for the latter. I had my soy milk with red bean, and we ordered a few dishes to share.

yonghe king - 1
Yonghe King storefront inside a mall in Shenyang

yonghe king - 2
Complimentary Salad

yonghe king - 3
Three Cups Chicken

yonghe king - 4
Braised Pork Belly

We pretty much ordered the same items everytime we ate at Yonghe King, with just one different dish each time. Shown below is a seaweed soup with octopus balls, which we had at an underground food court connected to a subway station in Beijing.

yonghe king - 5
Seaweed Soup w/ Octopus Balls 

Our bill came down to ¥145 RMB for four adults (~$23.50 USD). Ahh, I miss the fast food restaurants in Mainland China. They’re a better alternative to McDonald’s!