Vendor: 馬達爾冰棍 (Modern Popsicle)
Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Zhongyang Street is a pedestrian street full of restaurants, vendors, malls, and stores. The street is blocked for several blocks from vehicles. However, you should keep your eyes and ears alert, for any motorbike or bicycle passing by. The street is bustling with locals and tourists every night!

As we walked down the street, we noticed people were lining up at a popsicle shop. We went to check it out when the queue died down.

The shop’s name translates to Modern Popsicle, Modern Ice Stick, or Modern Ice Pop. They were selling vanilla cream popsicle (奶油香草冰棍) for ¥5/piece (~$0.80 USD). CNNGo mentioned about a chocolate flavor, but vanilla cream was the only option when we went. The popsicles are sold all year round; people still buy them in the winter when it’s -20°C or below!

popsicle - 1
popsicle - 3
popsicle - 2

It was 4°C (~40°F) at night and the cream had a distinct milky taste that I wasn’t accustomed to… So I could only eat a little more than two-thirds of the popsicle before I had enough. At least this one didn’t melt like my ice cream in Hong Kong!