Food Truck: Sabor de San Miguel
Area: San Francisco Bay Area

I went to Candlestick Park for the Silicon Valley Sports League‘s 2nd annual Tech Carnival! The Tech Carnival had food trucks, tech swag, and carnival games that included bull riding, rock climbing, and inflatable games! There was also the SVSL Playoffs & Championship.

SVSL has two divisions, San Francisco and Palo Alto. The division champions would go on to play against each other to win a billboard on 101. Each knockout tournament would be a different game, rotating from ultimate frisbee, flag football, and soccer.

2014-07-16 20.10.20

Two buddies work for Tango, which was one of the many tech companies at the playoffs. Tango first played ultimate frisbee against Flipboard and won. Then they beat Box flag football, then moved on to soccer against Yahoo. They scored two points fairly quickly at the beginning but ultimately lost… :(

This was my first and last time at the Stick which was a bittersweet moment for me… The Niners recently moved to Levi Stadium and the Stick will be torn down in a year. But, I had a chance to try a Guatemalan dish from a food truck that was on Food Network! With front row seats!!!

shrimp pico de gallo - 1

Isn’t that a pretty sweet view at the Stick?! I had the shrimp pico de gallo, which had fully chopped shrimp seasoned with chopped red onion, cilantro, tomato, lemon juice, and mint. It was served over a bed of lettuce, with house made tostada on the side. I also requested it in mild. Here’s a closer look at my dinner!

shrimp pico de gallo - 2

The tostadas were eaten with the pico de gallo, with the help of a fork. It’s a somewhat messy dish when eaten without a table, but it was really good! It’s similar to the Mexican version (called ceviche or salsa fresca) but without the strong lime taste.

shrimp pico de gallo - 3

Sabor de San Miguel was on Food Network’s Food Court Wars, where they battled to have a spot at the NewPark Mall food court. So, if you’re ever in Newark, don’t forget to check out their sit-down restaurant inside the mall!