Restaurant: Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant
City: Newark, CA

I had dinner with my family and a family friend at a Cantonese restaurant near home. One of the dishes we ordered had frog legs!

If you’ve never had frog legs before, I suggest trying it! Frog leg tastes like chicken and has a fish-like texture.

Saigon Seafood Harbor’s frog leg dish also had green onion, ginger, and a rich sauce. The sauce helped make the frog legs juicy and moist.

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My Diet has some info on frog legs in Cantonese cuisine:

Cantonese frog legs are traditionally served on lotus leaves, though many chefs outside of China may substitute these leaves or eliminate them altogether. The common green frog that certainly ranges in the wild among lily pads is typically the frog of choice when it comes to frog legs worldwide.

Today, however, the Chinese have frog farms where they usually raise bullfrogs or even pig frogs in areas like Sichuan Province. Frog legs have been popularly eaten in China since the first century A.D. according to food historians, so groups like the Cantonese have literally been perfecting their recipes for centuries.

In many parts of China, not merely where Cantonese reigns supreme, frog legs are often stir fried along with a mixture of spices and herbs. Common flavors one tastes when dining on Cantonese frog legs are garlic, ginger and rice wine. Dark soy sauce or sometimes oyster sauce are added to taste or as a marinade .

In Cantonese cuisine, frog legs may also be stewed in a rich sauce or, alternatively, fried or even added to congee, a type of porridge made from rice. Cantonese frog legs may be eaten as a main course, but are also, today, served as a sort of appetizer.