An Italian coworker went back to his hometown in Liguria for several days, and brought back a box of Italian biscuits!

These biscuits are also from Liguria. The box lists wheat flour, butter, sugar, milk, eggs, and lemon essence flavoring as the ingredients.

After I ate one biscuit, I concluded that they are simply very sweet biscuits with lots and lots of powdered sugar! I had enough after just one biscuit. ;)

canestrelli - 1canestrelli - 2

Please pardon the broken pieces of biscuit in the photos below; that’s what usually happens when you bring back food via plane!

canestrelli - 3canestrelli - 4

Here’s the info about these biscuits, from Wikipedia:

Canestrelli (“little baskets”) are a type of Italian biscuit. Originating in Monferrato, the biscuits are common in both Piedmont and Liguria.

Manu’s Menu has a recipe if you’re interested in making these. She also says:

Canestrelli are simple, buttery shortbread-like cookies, shaped like flowers and covered in icing sugar.