Vendor: Olimpos (SJ Giants game at San Jose Municipal Stadium)
City: San Jose, CA

I went to the San Jose Giants game at the San Jose Municipal Stadium after work. The cost of going to these games can be free, if you can snag a ticket at certain San Jose or Santa Clara Orchard Supply Hardware stores; check out the schedule or the OSH ticket location list for more information!

The San Jose Giants are a minor league baseball team in San Jose, CA. They are a Class A – Advanced team in the Northern Division of the California League, and have been a farm team of the San Francisco Giants since 1988. (Wikipedia)

Olimpos is a churro food truck located inside the stadium. They weren’t open until a few innings into the game. After the sun went out around the 5th inning, the churro guy finally came to the bleachers. A churro costs $3, while 2 churros cost $5.

Olimpos’ churros are way better than Costco’s $1 churros! These are crispy, and well flavored with cinnamon and sugar. Costco’s is softer and I’d have to add more cinnamon and rebake it at home. Oh… I just found out that Costco no longer sells churros… Aw!

churro - 1 churro - 2

Do you know what ingredient makes Mexican churros unique from the Spanish ones?

Read on for the answer, and some info about churro, from

Churros are also popularly referred to as the Spanish donuts or Spanish fritters. Churros have attained cult status as the national food symbol of Spain. Churros are also known by alternate names such as “Porras”, “Papitas”, and “Calentitos “. Churro is favored and savored throughout the Latin American countries, France, Portugal, United States, Morocco and Spanish speaking Caribbean Islands. The dish is a long and soft cake like pastry which is prepared from blended flour and fried in olive oil. The churro’s appear crispy golden brown from outside and are very soft to eat. The churros are enjoyed as desserts, breakfast or snacks. The churros continued to evolve outside Spain too. The original breadstick sized Churro is known as Churrito, and the big-sized stuffed churro is called Churrisimo. And a Churro cook is lovingly called Churrero.

The churros are prepared using the blended flour or multi-purpose flour but in Mexico and Andalusia, Spain – wheat flour is used in the preparation of a churro. These churros are shaped as wheels or spirals, which are further divided into edible portions post preparation. The wheat flour churros are called porras and calentitos or calientes. In other parts of the Spain the churros are called porras and calentitos. In rest of the Spain normally potato dough is used in the preparation of churros which are known as Papitas or Calentitos de Patatas.

Mexican Churros also serve as the bridge between the dessert and savories because salt is added while kneading the flour.