Restaurant: Thanh Ky Restaurant
City: Oakland, CA

Can you tell that I love noodles by the amount of noodle soup and (dry) noodle dishes I’ve had?! :)

I had egg noodle soup with duck legs for lunch today. The duck was crispy, soft, and delish! Oh, and when ordering this dish, you have the option of getting egg noodle or ho fun (wide white rice noodle), or both.

mi vit tiem

It appears that this dish is popular in Hanoi, as it’s listed on many Vietnamese travel sites, such as Ha Noi Tours:

You’ll notice the echoes of Cantonese cuisine in this soup stuffed with squiggly yellow noodles, roasted duck, and Chinese broccoli.

However, this dish can be found throughout Vietnam. My  mom recalls seeing it in Saigon, but it was considered as an expensive dish. She also says the soup may be  saltier at the Vietnamese restaurants than those served at Cantonese restaurants.

Some places may serve the duck in the bowl, on top of the noodles. Not all places serve the soup with Chinese broccoli (gai-lan), though, like the one I had above. The name “mì vįt tiềm” simply translates as braised duck egg noodle soup.