Restaurant: New York Fries
City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

First Throwback Thursday post!

I’ve been to Calgary numerous times as I have relatives there, but the first time I tried poutine was in July 2008. New York Fries is found at many food courts in Canadian shopping malls. Sadly, it’s only located in Canada and a few other countries except the United States. Contrary to its name, NYF is not from New York; it’s based in Toronto.

New York Fries’ poutine – “Invented in Quebec, perfected by New York Fries. A delicious marriage of New York Fries, premium cheese curd, and trans fat free gravy.”


The following is some info about poutine, from Wikipedia:

Poutine is a common Canadian dish, originally from Quebec, made with french fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds. This fast food dish can now be found across Canada, and is also found in some places in the northern United States, where it is sometimes required to be described due to its exotic nature. It is sold in small “greasy spoon” type diners (commonly known as cantines or casse-croûtes in Quebec) and pubs, as well as by roadside fry wagons (commonly known as cabanes à patates, literally “potato shacks”). National and international chains like New York Fries, McDonald’s, A&W, KFC, and Burger King, and Harvey’s also sell mass-market poutine in Canada (although not always country-wide).