Restaurant: Battambang Restaurant
City: Oakland, CA

I had Cambodian for dinner with my family and a family friend. Battambang had two dishes with frog legs! I didn’t recall eating frog legs before, but my sister and friend had, so they urged me to try it!

cha kh'nhei

Stir-fried frog legs with shredded ginger, onion, and chili in garlic flavor. (Dried and spiced.)

As my sister put, the best way to describe frog leg is a cross between fish and chicken; it tastes somewhat like fish but with the texture of chicken.

Chha Kh’nhei (ឆាខ្ញី) is a spicy stir fry (chhar) of meat, usually chicken, eel, or frog with julienned gingeroot, black Kampot pepper, garlic, soy, and sometimes fresh jalapeños or fresh peppers, for extra heat. (Wikipedia)