Restaurant: Battambang Restaurant
City: Oakland, CA

I had Cambodian for dinner with my parents and a family friend. We had an assorted appetizer platter, where one item was “num banhchev”.

banh chev - 1 banh chev - 2

Cambodian rice flour crepe, stuffed with ground chicken, diced prawns, onion, bean sprouts, green onion, served with cucumber, fresh mint, and vinegar sauce with ground peanuts.

This particular dish is commonly called banh chev in Phnom Penh. (Srok Khmer)

Further research shows the Khmer name, បាញ់ឆែវ, transliterated into IPA becomes “banh chev” while the transliteration into English becomes “banh chao”. The ‘v’ in “banh chev” is pronounced as ‘w’ in English. (Wikipedia)

Banchao is also present in Vietnam with the name “Banh xeo”. However, banchao in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh is famous for its distinct taste. It’s made from the same ingredients (including rice flour, coconut milk, and shrimp) with the one of Vietnam. Besides, banchao in Phnom Penh is added fresh bamboo shoot in the middle and deep-fried with cooking oil till it is yellow. The dish is typically eaten with fish sauce and lolot for hot flavor. (Best Cambodian Tours)