Restaurant: Kyusu Restaurant
City: San Jose, CA

My coworkers and I had Burmese for lunch! It was a first for many of us; a few of us had Burmese at Burma Superstar, which is more of a fusion style. Kyusu has more traditional dishes.

In addition to the appetizer and salad, we each ordered a dish to share. I picked this round noodle dish, which was mixed by the waitress upon arrival.

nan gyi thoke - 1 nan gyi thoke - 2

Thick rice noodle served with onion & tomato based all natural fresh chicken, fish sauce, garlic oil, chilli oil, shredded cabbage, cilantro, lemon, and roasted yellow pea powder.

Even though the description noted chili oil, it was not spicy. The non-spicy eaters in our party enjoyed this dish! There was chili pepper available at our table in case one wanted to make his/her dish spicier.

Nan gyi thoke (Burmese: နန်းကြီးသုပ်‌;  also spelled nan gyi thohk or nangyi thohk) is an a thoke salad dish in Burmese cuisine made with thick round rice noodles mixed with specifically prepared chicken curry. It has been equated as a Burmese version of spaghetti. The dish is often garnished with toasted chickpea flour, sliced onions, chilies, crispy noodles, slices of hard-boiled egg, and zested with lime or lemon. The name nan gyi refers to the round thick rice noodles used while thoke means salad. (Wikipedia)

Burmese Noodle Salad is a popular salad mixed in a chicken gravy and many other ingredients  eaten as a lunch or a snack. Nan Gyi simply refers to the thick round noodle and Thoke is literally mean mixed through. Mixing salad with hand is a unique way and the seasoning is adjust to the liking. In Myanmar, Noodles come in different sizes and shape like round or flat. Topped with crispy bean fritter and boiled egg is a very common way to serve. Small bowl of soup is usually served  with the Noodle when you order Noodle Salad in Myanmar. Of course it’s a complementary and you can ask for extra soup in case you want more. That is one of the most interesting culture foreigner may find or perhaps strange when visiting Myanmar. (Fooduel)

Here’s more info about Burmese noodles, from Austin Bush Photography:

The Burmese love their noodles, and in addition to the Chinese-influenced noodle dishes that are found everywhere in Southeast Asia, in Myanmar, you’ll also discover a uniquely indigenous repertoire of noodles.

Unlike Thailand’s noodle dishes, Myanmar’s have an almost total lack of sugar, and ingredients such as chickpea flour, turmeric oil, deep-fried garlic and toasted sesame provide the dishes with a distinctly savoury profile. Unlike their counterparts in Vietnam, the emphasis is typically on the noodles and seasonings, not meat or herbs, making Burmese noodle dishes generally quite heavy and hearty. The Burmese also have a particular fondness for ‘dry’ noodles, that is, with broth served on the side. And variety of deep-fried crispy garnishes show an appreciation for texture that one doesn’t generally encounter elsewhere.