Restaurant: Kyusu Restaurant
City: San Jose, CA

My coworkers and I had Burmese for lunch! It was a first for many of us; a few of us had Burmese at Burma Superstar, which is more of a fusion style. Kyusu has more traditional dishes.

In addition to the appetizer and salad, we each ordered a dish to share. One coworker ordered Burmese beef stew.

ame hnat

Traditional red beef curry made with grass-fed organic beef cooked with onion, garlic, ginger and tomato, tossed with green peas. Served with rice or prata.

The beef was chunky, tender, and had the stew-like texture but had a strong curry taste. It’s like a cross between Thai/Indian curry and Chinese/Vietnamese beef stew. If you get my drift.

Burmese beef curry (ame hnat) is another Burmese recipe in which you will be able to use any cuts of meat as this would be made with the cheapest cuts in Burma. However, the end result is very tasty, but it does take more than three hours of cooking. This dish is similar to the southern Thai Masaman. (Pattaya Mail)