Restaurant: Fortune Kitchen
City: Fremont, CA

My parents and I went out for dinner at a Shanghainese restaurant near home. I ordered the stir fried rice cake (chao nian gao, in Mandarin) so you guys can see another variation of the rice cake dishes!

chao nian gao

Shanghai style rice cake; chewy rice cake with cabbage, pork, and green onion.

Here’s some info about the dish, from Wikipedia:

The Shanghai nian gao style is usually packaged in a thick soft rod to be sliced up or packaged pre-sliced and either stir-fried or added to soup. Depending on the cooking method, this style is a soft to a chewy variant. The Shanghai style keeps the nian gao white, and made with non-glutinous rice. The color is its distinct feature.

When served as a dish, the most common is the stir-fry method, hence the name (炒年糕, chǎo nián gāo). There are three general types. The first is a savory dish, common ingredients include scallions, beef, pork, cabbage, Chinese cabbage etc. The second is a sweet version using standard white sugar. The last version is taste-less, and is often consumed for its chewy textures.