Restaurant: Anh Hong
City: Milpitas, CA

This was one of the dishes in Anh Hong’s bò 7 món.

Bò Nhúng Dấm - 1 Bò Nhúng Dấm - 2

Slices of rare steak, dipped in red wine vinegar sauce. Also called “Vietnamese beef fondue”.

Bò nhúng dấm is basically a Vietnamese shabu-shabu and the best part is your guests can do the cooking. The meats (as well as seafood) cook in a dilute broth of rice vinegar and aromatics and in the typical Vietnamese way, the meats are then rolled in a tidy spring roll to enjoy. The cooking is done in the hotpot on the table top butane burner (both found in most Asian groceries). (The Ravenous Couple)