Restaurant: Bon Chon Chicken
City: Sunnyvale, CA

Went to Bon Chon Chicken for lunch to celebrate a coworker’s birthday!

We ordered soy garlic and spicy hot garlic chicken (mixed; drumsticks and chicken wings) with kimchi coleslaw and biscuits. We also got curly fries and hot garlic potstickers. Each plate of chicken came with a side of pickled radish (daikon).

bon chon chicken - 1 bon chon chicken - 2 bon chon chicken - 3IMG_4616

Here’s some info about Bonchon Chicken, from Wikipedia:

Bonchon Chicken (Hangul: 본촌치킨; hanja: 本村치킨) is a South Korean-based fried chicken franchise restaurant. Bonchon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”.

The first Bonchon Chicken restaurant opened in 2002 in Busan, Korea. The first location in the USA was in Leonia, New Jersey. It later spread to California, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Texas. There are 10 locations in South Korea, 59 in the Philippines, 4 in Thailand, and 6 in Indonesia.

More info from Bonchon Chicken:

Walk down any neighborhood in Korea and you’ll find a mom-and-pop fried chicken joint on almost every block. With years of hands-on experience with Korean cuisine, founder Jinduk Seh, decided to focus on perfecting a recipe for fried chicken, and share one of his country’s favorite comfort foods with the world. The result was Bonchon, Korean word for “my hometown”.

Today there are 30 existing stores operating in the United States and 70 more overseas in Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.