I went to a LAN party at Jamie and MG’s house, and made Spam musubi! Check out Jamie’s blog at jayscup.com! We played Borderlands 2 for ~8 hours. :D

The recipe I used is from Adventures in Bentomaking. I got the molds through eBay a few years ago. I also used wasabi fumi furikake, a Japanese rice seasoning consisting of seaweed, wasabi, and sesame seed. Instead of making 10 Spam musubis from one can of low sodium Spam, as stated in the recipe, I made 12 because I use less rice in each musubi than in the recipe. I dislike it when the Spam musubi is so thick that I can’t bite it!

spam musubi

Spam musubi is a popular snack and lunch food in Hawaii composed of a slice of grilled Spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori dried seaweed in the tradition of Japanese omusubi. Inexpensive and portable, Spam musubi are commonly found near cash registers in convenience stores all over Hawaii. Typical preparation begins with grilling slices of spam, sometimes with a light teriyaki flavor. An acrylic mold (often the shape of a slice of Spam) is then placed over a long, narrow piece of nori and rice is pressed into the mold. The grilled spam is placed over the rice before the mold is removed. The nori is then wrapped over the top and around the musubi. It is served sometimes with soy sauce or Japanese mayonnaise. Spam became a popular food in Hawaii after World War II. Spam was a main course for the troops during the war, and the large military presence in Hawaii led to Spam’s widespread local adoption. Local Japanese created the Spam musubi as a result. (Wikipedia)

Musubi (plural musubi or musubis) – A food made of a food such as meat tied to a block of rice with nori, differing from sushi in that the rice is not vinegared. (Wikipedia)

A favorite Hawaiian way to eat Spam is in the form of a musubi (pronounced moo-soo-bee, with no accent). It is a fried slice of spam on rice pressed together to form a small block, then wrapped with a strip of seaweed. The Spam musubi is eaten as a sandwich, and it is perhaps the Island’s favorite “to go” or snack food. Spam musubi is literally everywhere in Hawaii, including local convenience stores, grocery stores, school cafeterias, and even at the zoo. Eating a Spam musubi seems to serve as a rite of passage for newcomers anxious to attain “local” status. (What’s Cooking America)