Restaurant: Green Champa Garden
City: Fremont, CA

When I was browsing through the menu, I came across their “Moke Pa” (in the salad section…) and the description sounded very similar to amok trey. My mom let me pick this dish so we could try it, and have me compare it to amok trey (they apparently haven’t had amok trey before).

mok pa

Steamed fish wrapped with banana leaf; catfish nugget, lemongrass, ginger, dill, and basil.

Mok pa is similar to amok trey, Cambodia’s signature dish. The main difference is that there’s no coconut milk added to the Lao version. (A foodie’s guide throughout Asia)

Amok trey also uses tumeric root or powder, which gives its orange color and curry flavor. Tumeric is absent in mok pa. (Betsy’s Bites)