Restaurant: Layang Layang
City: Milpitas, CA

fried taro nest

The restaurant calls it “Sarang Seafood”; fried taro nest topped with shrimp, squid, scallop, corn snow peas, black mushroom, bell pepper, celery, and cashew nuts. Crispy noodles were also at the base of the taro nest.

Seafood birdsnest is a common Chinese cuisine dish found in Hong Kong, China, and most overseas Chinatown restaurants. It is also found within Cantonese cuisine. It is usually classified as a mid to high-end dish depending on the seafood offered. (Wikipedia)

As you can tell from the other posts from this particular restaurant, Malaysian cuisine is influenced by many ethnic groups- Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, and Arabian. This dish was obviously influenced by the Chinese. It looks like the Malaysian-Chinese fried taro nest is structured/made differently than the ones found in Cantonese restaurants. If I recall correctly, the Cantonese version of the fried taro nest is in a thick web-like structure, and much crunchier.