Restaurant: Terún
City: Palo Alto, CA

An Italian coworker ordered Pizza Quattro Stagioni; this must be one of his favorites, since he ordered this last time we came here! Also, he says the pizzas here are remniscent of his hometown in Italy, so the pizzas here are authentic! Terún bakes their pizzas in a Marra Forni wood burning oven.

pizza quattro stagioni

San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, artichoke, funghi, and olive.

Pizza quattro stagioni (literally translated as ‘four seasons pizza’) is one of the classic pizzas of the Italian repertoire. The pizza is divided in four quadrants, and each space is dressed with a different ingredients: prosciutto, mushrooms, olives, and marinated artichokes. (Anna Maria’s Open Kitchen)

One thing to keep in mind when ordering pizza in an Italian pizzeria is that the product is personal size. Each person at a table should order their own individual pizza – one bite will explain why. In certain areas outside Italy, there are a few piazzioli who keep to their homeland traditions as best they can with the ingredients they have. (Life in Italy)