One of my sister’s roommates made samgak kimbap to share! It was triangle-shaped seaweed stuffed with rice and canned tuna. It was my first time eating this particular type of kimbap, and it was quite fun eating it!

samgak kimbap - 1samgak kimbap - 2

Samgak kimbap (삼각김밥) literally translates to triangle (삼각) laver (김) rice (밥).

Samgak kimbap is a triangle-shaped kimbap sold in many convenience stores in South Korea. Samgak kimbap also come in many varieties (different type of meat or stuffing). (Wikipedia)

The simple plastic wrapping is actually a smart trick to keep the food fresh. Unpeel the ripcord marked (1). Then pull out the corners (2) and (3). You’ll see that there’s a double layer of plastic enveloping the seaweed, separating it from the rice and keeping it crispy. When the corners are removed, the seaweed springs back into place around the triangle rice. (Lanie in Korea)

There is a lot of contention about the origin of kimbap. Many believe that kimbap is simply a Korean riff on sushi stemming from the Japanese occupation of Korea. Another take is that kimbap is an evolution of kimssam, a rice and seaweed wrap. In all probability both are correct, given the long history of both peaceful and violent contact between Korea and Japan. (Seoul Plaza)

Below is a YouTube video that shows how samgak kimbap is made, unwrapped, and eaten!