Cocohodo (코코호도) is a South Korean dessert / snack shop franchise, with several stores in Southern California, and they recently opened their first store in Northern California, in Sunnyvale. The store is near Hankook Supermarket.

cocohodo walnut pastrycocohodo walnut pastry

These are small round pastries that resemble walnut shells. The pastries have walnuts and red bean paste inside. You can see how they make the pastries in the back, through the window. It’s kinda like how Krispy Kreme shows you how the donuts get made. It’s cheaper if you order the snack packs instead of the boxes. The pastries are all wrapped individually regardless of how it’s packed at the end. The pastries are made fresh, so it’s very warm when you get your order. I brought a Glasslock so I can take the pastries out from the bag to cool down evenly, before it gets soggy.

[Edit on 1.27.2014] I gave a walnut pastry to one of my sister’s roommates, who was born in South Korea but later moved to Southern California. She recalled buying the walnut pastries from street vendors in Korea, so she thought it was odd how high-end stores (such as Cocohodo) also sell walnut pastries.