Korea: Aloe Vera Drink

Market: 99 Ranch Market
City: Newark, CA

Aloe vera drinks can be found at most Asian supermarkets. There’s several different brands, and there’s also flavored aloe vera drinks, such as pineapple, mango, and pomegranate. I always get the plain, original ones.

aloe vera drinksaloe vera drink

Aloe vera drinks are unique Korean beverages. They are sold in short and tall green tinted plastic bottles. Normally containing thirty percent aloe vera gel in a drinkable form, they are rich in minerals, calcium, potassium, Vitamins B3, B1, B6, B2, and C. Aloe vera drinks are characterized as aiding the digestive system and helping relieve gastrointestinal problems. They are also considered as a treatment for athlete’s foot and acne. (Korea Times)


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  1. try Marina in Union City, price in 99R for this drink is more expensive. btw. I finally went to 85C in Newark, love their cheesecake and grape green tea! need to try other stuff but line for bread section was quite long so I gave up :)

    1. Hah, good to know! I go to 99R more often cuz it’s on my way home from work. I seldom get this drink. Got one just for this blog!

      I have yet to try the other 85°C drinks other than the sea salted ones. I usually get the Sea Salted Jasmine Green Tea.

  2. Those drinks sure taste great. Bumped into your blog. Pretty cool. I love exploring and tasting new food. Can’t wait to go to Morocco :) … Life events happened which tied me close to the Aloe Vera plant. I no longer drink the tasty juice sold in the store, but do drink Aloe every morning. It has a ton of benefits when potent.

    1. Thanks!! I think it will be a while till I get to Morocco. There’s a place near work. I will get to that, eventually! :)

      I love the aloe plant; it’s also VERY useful for burns! The aloe vera drink sold at stores may be sweeter and unhealthier than if you make the drink yourself!

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