Market: Koreana Plaza
City: Oakland, CA

This can be found at most Korean supermarkets. There’s also Super Kyo-Po in Santa Clara, CA and Hankook Supermarket in Sunnyvale, CA.

Ginger Honey Tea

For thousands of years ginger has been a key ingredient in dishes served throughout the world. In addition to its delicious flavor and culinary importance, the spice has great medicinal value. Ginger is believed to warm the body, ease symptoms related to fatigue and help absorb other medicinal compounds while neutralizing toxicity in the body. Saenggangcha (생강차, ginger tea) is often taken at the first sign of a cold to prevent symptoms from getting worse, especially chills or fevers. It’s no wonder that this beverage has long since been a mainstay among Korean home remedies. Saenggangcha is available in powdered form or bottles in department stores, supermarkets, or local markets. It is also served at traditional teahouses. It can also be homemade, by thinly slicing fresh gingerroot, marinating it in sugar or honey, and adding a spoonful of the mixture to hot water. Or by simply boiling ginger and honey in a pot of hot water. (Korea Tourism Organization)